Belonging to something bigger.

* Equal access and use to 80 acres of beautiful rich land with all of its current and future infrastructure, including:

 The land currently features:

o A year round spring fed pond

o A large redwood barn and secure shipping container for storage.

o 100 tree fruit and nut tree orchard,

o A rustic cabin, with hot water, full kitchen, propane fridge, solar electric, wood stove, toilette and bath.

o Multiple fresh water springs

o Garden facilities including a large green house with related outbuildings.

What your investment makes happen (all inclusive):

* An equal share ownership of the land and facilities via a Limited Liability Corporation with robust bylaws defining a simple effective democratic decision making process.

* The connection and security of being apart of an organized, intelligent and fun group of people dedicated to creating a beautiful and inspirational site for hands on learning and celebration.

* The creation and personal use of the “upper village” get-away space, including one of its 12 small private cottages and common ground facilities IE Big kitchen, bath house, lounge, pond, sauna, hot tub etc. for a minimum of 108 days out of each year (think generous time-share).

* The creation and use of an artisan workshop in the redwood barn with the basic tools and facilities for working wood, fabric, metal and ceramics.

* The creation and exclusive use of a “lower village” events space (separate from the “upper village”), including its 12 cottages, two 30’ yurts (one with a kitchen and dining area and the other as a lounge/event space), for a minimum of one week every year.

* An equal vote on electing committees and making infrastructure decisions (as outlined in the enclosed bylaws).

* The opportunity to participate in the building and curation of the “villages” and barn workshop.

* The option to put your shares up for sale at any time for the amount you invested, as per the bylaws.

What you exchange:

* 1/42th equal share investment (as detailed in the Pricing Outline)

* Presence and participation at month in-person meetings.

* $200 quarterly maintenance dues covering taxes, road fees, insurance, satellite internet, , property management, utilities. etc

* A total of seven 3 day weekends (160 hours) over 2 years as sweat equity to construct the villages and infrastructure. This time is put in as a collective during a series of work parties erecting the cottages, decks, yurts etc.

* While direct participation is encouraged schedules can be supplemented by hiring a replacement hand (at an approximate cost of $33/hr)

* A love and willingness to learn, work and play towards creating and enjoying a legacy of shared people, place, purpose and play.