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Ali Shanti

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What if you were to...

…share a common ground get-away with 2-dozen sweet little cottages tucked around a tree-lined meadow with views?

… spend a perfect amount of time every year cooking, playing and creating with others.

…surround yourself with pristine hiking and biking trails, swimming holes, hotsprings and majestic old growth trees?

…help reinvent the “summer camp/country club” concept into something more fun, expansive and edgy?

…periodically come together with others enhancing intimacy and communication?

…co-evolve with a core of dynamic people, tools and events exploring health and creativity?

…have a hub that allows you to continually relax into yourself & others?

…allow your kids to grow up with other kids that share a lifelong common ground?

…have a place to invite people back to, deepen connections, celebrate, learn and collaborate?

…curate experiences with a stage, a dance “hall”, an open air dojo, organic gardens, an orchard and a wood, metal and ceramics studio?

…trust that its all coming together in just the right way, at just the right time.