Stewardship Circle Purpose and Aims

To cultivate, protect & maintain the land and it’s resources.AIMS
Research, create & cultivate integrated gardens, orchards & landscaping.
Develop, implement & maintain organizational structures & systems that clearly outline how people engage with the land and it’s facilities (IE Tools, buildings, pond etc.)
Develop and manage springs and wells.
Protect local watershed.
Manage interns.
Research and protect native plants and animals.
Keep RSR members and property safe and secure.

Budget- TBD
Timeline- Ongoing

Decisions regarding the management of:

Water usage and care (Springs, wells, grey water, irrigation, pond)
Garden placement (in conjunction with Building & Planning Circle)
Orchard and non-orchard tree management
Soil amendments
Planting and harvesting (IE wood, fruit trees)
Utilities (Propane, Internet)
Energy- Solar, Heating (stoves, firewood)
Road Association
Animals (pets, wildlife etc.)
Car access and parking
Safety protocols
Waste, recycling & compost
Septic, composting toilettes
Long-term volunteers AKA Interns

Any decisions deviating from the master plan (as outlined in the bylaws) or current budget allowances are to be first approved by the Board Circle. In addition, any purchases are to be pre-approved by the Treasury Circle, otherwise you may not be reimbursed.


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