RSR Intent and Aims

To experiment with modern day tribe through living systems of People, Place, Purpose and Play:

      o People- Our extended family & friends

      o Place- Our surrounding community and ecosystems

      o Purpose- Where we are called to contribute to the larger whole     

      o Play- The ways in which we lovingly challenge ourselves & each other


We are coming together to…


• Create safe and fun environments for expanded learning, health, and creativity. 

Our surroundings greatly affect how we think, feel and interact. Here we get to design spaces for enhancing it all.

• Research and share how to live more with less.
 Being a low impact, open source example of how simple systems can make everything easier is one of the most effective ways of healing the planet.
• Host events showcasing knowledge, skills and artistic expression.
 Curating inspirational experiences engages our full potential.
• Steward the land and surrounding community.
 Keeping in mind how everything we do affects the local watershed, wildlife, neighbors and long-term sustainability of all of our relationships is just plain smart.
• Celebrate life, each other and our rites of passages.
Parties span all cultures and languages. When done with grounded intention, they become a powerful way of creating intimacy and trust.
• Network with similar like minded people and groups.
By connecting and organizing with others we expand our reach and available resources exponentially.


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