Membership Circle


To organize bringing in new members while facilitating meeting the needs of existing members.

  • MC events inviting new members in.
  • Streamline the process of sponsoring interested members.
  • Get group OK confirming new members.
  • Ensure the orientation & integration of confirmed new members.
  • Network and expand membership opportunities outside of RSR.
  • Field questions & concerns of both new & existing members.
  • Manage land use scheduling.
  • Facilitate conflict resolution between members.
  • Orient new members logistically and culturally.
  • Incorporating member requests, insights etc.
  • Organize and facilitate group communications.
  • Budget- NA
  • Timeline-  Indefinitely.

Decisions regarding:

  • Managing the public facing website.
  • Sponsorship protocols for potential new members.
  • Timeline and pricing tiers.
  • Information given to new potential members.
  • Soliciting All Members Circle votes confirming new members.
  • New member orientations & hazings;).
  • Ongoing member retreats and communications training.
  • Guiding existing members with questions to those w/ answers.
  • Connecting & sharing resources with other like minded groups.
  • New Member orientations.
  • How Member feedback is incorporated.
  • RSR member and prospect email list serves.
Any decisions deviating from the master plan (as outlined in the bylaws) or current budget allowances must be approved by the Board Circle.  In addition, any purchases are to be pre-approved by the Treasury Circle, otherwise you may not be reimbursed.
Term & Frequency of Meetings
Until 43 Memberships are in…meets monthly. As needed after that.

Mother Circle

Coordinating Council Circle

Administrative Roles (Click here for detailed descriptions)

All roles have a 12 month term

  • Lead Link- Sige
  • Rep Link-
  • Secretary/Curator-
  • Facilitator-


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