The following concerns a beautiful 80 acre property in the rolling hills of Mendocino California. It is located 15 minutes from Orr hot springs and adjacent to Montgomery Redwoods State park (home of the tallest tree in the world). The land currently has a small cabin with all the basic amenities (fridge, hot water, toilette, kitchen etc), a large redwood barn, a greenhouse, two out buildings, a gorgeous year round pond and a newly planted 100 fruit and nut tree orchard.

Our Story

Being involved in this land, its surroundings and the people it draws may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to co-create something bigger than anyone of us could manifest on our own. Finding a parcel of this quality and beauty, as well as a core of people interested in working together towards its stewardship, is priceless.  While there is always an initial getting up to speed, there has been a remarkable amount accomplished in the first 3 years alone.

Irrigation has been laid, solar installed. Hundreds of pine trees have been planted across the property…and a 100 tree fruit and nut orchard has been established, drip-lined and fenced. Mortgage payments have been made and a robust democratic legal infrastructure written up.

This amongst the very full and often hectic lives of everyone involved. This is no small feat for any group and it is a testament to the love that exists for what this land is now and what it is becoming…a place to continue to come together, co-create and celebrate.

I personally am determined to make this land a destination for learning… a place where we can teach as well as glean knowledge and skills. Imagine tools of every shape and form all laid out on a concrete floored redwood barn. See interns helping to work the land and classes on green building techniques, martial arts, wood working, dance and anything else you can imagine.

We’ve gotten over the hardest part…inertia. Not to say there is not more to do… but everyday we move forward, the easier it gets. This place is destined to host and foster good people… adults and kids alike.

There may always be at least some resistance to working/co-owning with others. But from what we’re experiencing on and off this land, it is obvious to me that the tangible benefits of coming together far out-way the fears. We are thoughtfully and intentionally taking it to the next level where we meet each other in healing and nourishing ourselves, as well as our families and friends.

Why not enjoy the process of inspiring others by demonstrating the good life via kicking celebrations of life and learning? Its how I personally want to grow old.

In practical terms, it will take owners who enjoy seasonal use of private bedroom bungalows centered around shared living spaces… IE showers/bathrooms, a large kitchen and deck (with views), playground, event spaces, gardens and other common areas.

Two areas centered this way will work best, with each having approximately 12 bungalows tucked into the landscape with tastefully done paths/landscaping throughout. One for the members and the other for events.
The events portion will be run by members/or others who take it on as a small business.  Whoever it is, they may lease the use of the land (or have some other sort of legal agreement with the land owners)… perhaps running it as a separate entity. Within this framework there may be any configuration of timeshares, classes, events etc.

This is a re-frame… a re-frame from simple real-estate ownership to a collaboration of combined resources, goals and desires. The robust and thorough legal infrastructure (a Housing Association/Time Share Hybrid) is clutch. This, combined with our continually enhancing our skills of communication and coordination will move us towards a better understanding of how best to support each other and the land.

We are also currently working with other budding land collectives in the States, Europe, Costa Rica and New Zealand… towards setting up a system for the seasonal exchange of units.

This done well can and will change the world. This is a step towards helping each other live fully, while getting completely honest with ourselves and each other. Hosting fun gatherings that ground us (and our guests) in a healthy, engaged way of being is a powerful way of influencing all our relations.


Written by Gregory Kellett 10/10/12